The lease option program works to be as transparent as possible. When you choose a home, we'll show you estimates for all costs based on the home of your choice at that time. Below, you'll find a summary of what costs to expect during the process. Don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions.


You can also REGISTER for free to begin searching all homes and getting info on any other questions you may have.

Up Front

Up front costs are designed to be very affordable:

Application Fee: $99 covers all adults in the household

Security Deposit: 2X Monthly Rent is paid at the time that our offer to purchase the home you choose is accepted.

First Months Rent: Before you can receive your key, you’ll make the first month’s rent payment prorated based on the day of the month.


During your lease, your only recurring payment is your monthly rent. We take care of taxes and HOA dues. You’ll be responsible for minor issues such as light bulb replacement, but systems such as HVAC, water heating, and other items are ours to handle as the landlord during your time in the lease.

The lease can be canceled with 60 days notice at the end of each year. If you choose to stay for the next year of your lease, you’ll always know the monthly rent ahead of time. Instead of a surprise increase each year, we pre-set the increase at just 3.5% annually.

Costs to Purchase

When you choose to buy the home you’ll have a few costs to consider. If you don’t buy the home, you will not incur charges for any of these.

Right to Purchase Price: This is the cost we paid for the home plus 3.5% each year.

Closing Costs: Costs and fees for closing costs depend on your lender, time of year, and many other factors.

Renovation: If you requested that we complete renovations prior to your move-in, we would collect reimbursement dollar for dollar at closing.

Repairs: Repairs completed during your lease period would be reimbursed dollar for dollar at closing up to a cap.